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Don't Know What to Tweet About? These 3 Tips are for You!

Published on Monday, February 28, 2011
By Sarah Payne
Though I haven't been using Twitter for very long, I've realized that it can be extremely effective in attracting readers to my blog and meeting like-minded people. But, like me, you might have discovered that using it only for self-promotion will never be effective for anything. This problem is frequently discussed on other blogs, so I won't bother discussing it now. One thing that isn't talked about often is finding the things worth tweeting about, and in today's post, I'm going to give you a few tips that will help you find new and interesting articles and blogs to tweet about, which will lead to an increased number of followers.

The best way to keep followers interested and attract new ones is to reach out and advertise other bloggers. Here's why:

  • It gives you something more to tweet about, and the more often you tweet, the better. Followers like when you tweet regularly.
  • Followers like variety. Your blog posts may be worth reading once, but no more than that. Keep tweeting about your blog to a minimum.
  • The really nice and grateful people will thank you for tweeting about them or their blog. If they find your tweets interesting, they might follow you. And if they have 10,000 or so followers, a thank you can give you a lot of exposure.

Now that I've discussed the importance of promoting others, you may be wondering where you can find the stuff to tweet about, besides the occasional interesting article you happen to come upon. There are some days when I don't feel like searching Google or browsing the upcoming blogs section of Blog Engage for something to tweet about. So, when I realized that my tweeting frequency was badly effected by this problem (though it may have been just laziness, it was still a problem), I decided it was a good time to develop a method for finding new things to tweet about, and here's what I came up with. Just remember that these are actually some new ideas, but so far, they seem to be working very well.

1. Watch what other people are tweeting

This is probably the most logical of them all, but when I was new to Twitter, I often found myself overlooking what those I followed had to say. My head was too full of what I had to tweet next, what blog post I was going to write next, and what social network I would join next since Twitter wasn't working the way everyone said it would. Big mistake. If that sounds like you, get those things out of your head and replace it with this: Twitter is not about you.

So, here's a tip. Stop staring at your low number of followers, your low number of tweets, and the high number of people you're following. You follow people for a reason—because you're interested in what they have to say, right? So tell your followers you're interested and retweet. Believe me, even if somebody doesn't thank you for your retweet, I think the majority of tweeters are grateful that you took the time to advertise them.
There are two ways to retweet. The first and easiest way I'll mention is to simply click on "Retweet" when you hover over the tweet. I, however, prefer to send an @message, because first and foremost, the original tweeter can see what you retweeted in their @Mentions tab, and secondly, it makes it more noticeable that it was you who retweeted the tweet. I like to select their tweet and copy it, then paste it into the tweet box, and type "RT @tweeter's-name" before the tweet.

2. Use a feed reader to keep up with your favorite blogs

Use Google Reader or your browser's feed reader, if it has one, to subscribe to your favorite blogs which publish content relating to that of yours. Then, if you see something your Twitter followers would be interested in reading, tweet about it!

If you're using Firefox, I recommend an add-on called Feed Sidebar. It's a button that sits by your location bar and turns blue to alert you when new posts are published.

3. Use StumbleUpon to find new articles and websites

I've saved the best tip for last! As I've recently discovered, StumbleUpon is among one of the best ways to find new websites and blogs in your area of interest. If you don't have an account on StumbleUpon, I recommend getting one now. Then, you can select your interests, and click on the "Stumble" button to begin. Most sites have a retweet button, but if not, you can use the button on the StumbleUpon bar to do the same.

I hope these few tips have been helpful to you, and that soon, you'll realize that Twitter doesn't take very much work—just a little time. But the experience can be very rewarding. If you have any thoughts or tips you think I should have included in this article, I'd love to hear about them.

If you found this article helpful, I hope you'll check out my Twitter page for more tips on blogging, social media, and web graphics, and my StumbleUpon profile for all my cool finds on the internet.

Until next time, happy tweeting! ;)

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