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Introducing Atlas: A Free Blogger Template

Published on Monday, June 27, 2011
By Sarah Payne
Atlas preview
There was a day, long ago, when I didn't know how to edit a blog template—the main reason being that I was too lazy to learn. But the default Blogger templates were incredibly dull and I didn't want to use them—and by the way, once the Template Designer came into existence, along with new, incredible templates which are used by almost everyone nowadays (I don't mean that as a good thing), people realized how bad the default templates were, gave them the "classic" label, and forgot about them. I don't miss them.

Because of my laziness, I searched for free third-party templates and made a discovery. Not only are most templates sloppy and ugly, but even the code is sloppy and ugly. Ugly templates are ugly, but sloppy code is horrendous. I wouldn't be caught dead using one of those templates on my blog. And so I overcame my laziness and learned to create my own templates.

I showed you a couple months ago that default templates don't have to be boring, but those weren't my original designs, and I have long been itching to create a template that's far more customizable than the default templates. And so came Atlas—my first free template.

Whoa! You mean Template Faerie can truthfully be called Template Faerie now? Yep.

Why you should want it

  • It's customizable! In fact, you may notice that I went overboard with customization. But, seeing how boring templates are these days, I wanted to make sure that the people who download Atlas have no excuse for having a boring template. Unlike most third-party templates, Atlas is compatible with the Template Designer. The layout and all fonts and colors can be edited to your taste.

  • It's not one template—it's TEN! I know, I'm insane. When I was creating Atlas, I wanted to show off how customizable it was, and so I made 10 varying color schemes. I then realized that if I was going to the trouble of creating them, I might as well give them away with the default template.

    • Headers are included! Each variant has a matching header. All you have to do is upload.

    • No messy code! Atlas has wonderfully clean CSS and HTML. So, if you would like to do any editing, there's no reason to fear.

    If that's not enough to make you want it, check it out live!

    What do you think of Atlas?

    I would love to hear your feedback on this template. What's your favorite variant? Are you having any problems with it?

    And, if you have any ideas for another template you would like me to design, just let me know in your comment!

    Reviews of Atlas
    If you write a review of the Atlas template on your blog, please send me the link, and I'll add it below.

    About the Author

    I'm Sarah Payne, the author of this blog. I'm an amateur writer and template designer, an avid Blogger-user, and a reptile lover. One way or another, I ended up creating TF to show people that blogs don't have to be ugly and to share my unavoidably opinionated rants. You can also find me on Twitter and Google+.