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I have to answer the same questions rather frequently. So, here are the answers to some common questions to save both of us some trouble. If your question isn't answered here, please send me a message.

Do you accept guest articles?
Ah, that dreaded question. Sorry, no. I realize that there are many people with a unique perspective and great ideas, but I'm trying to focus on defining my particular style, and I worry that guest authors would ruin it.

Do you want to write for my blog?
It depends. If your blog knocks my socks off and I think my writing could do the same to your readers, I would certainly consider it. But guest blogging is like butter—if you spread it too thin, there won't be enough for all the bread. In other words, I like to guest post on only a few blogs. That said, if you like my style of writing, shoot me an email.

Can you make a custom template for me?
Right now, the answer is no. I'm happy to answer your design-related questions, though!

Send me a message

The best and fastest method to get in contact with me is through Twitter, since I check my mentions daily. But please, don't use Twitter as an instant messenger, because that's not what it's for. If you want to have a conversation, please send me a DM. I prefer to keep that stuff out of my Twitter stream.

If your message is longer than 140 characters, send me an email using the contact form below. I try to reply to my emails on Fridays.

Note (September 12, 2012): My computer broke and as a result, I now I have very little access to the internet, which means very little access to my emails. So, if you send me an email, please know that it could take a long time for me to respond.